Sunday, 29 November 2015

Aww, check out this genuinely good guy & what he did to save lives

The guy named Kunle Oderinde on Facebook shared the photos above and wrote;

"On my way home tonight along the Akala expressway leading to my house, I saw a truck that was abandoned on a portion of the road without the C-Caution signage and I passed by it. But it occurred to me that a driver who is not 100% concentrated on the wheels could run into the stationary truck and that would be fatal, so I turned back, parked somewhere safe and sacrificed my car's C-Caution for the safety of other road users, afterall I can replace my C-Caution by just skipping a meal but a life is irreplaceable! #‎beinspiredtodogood‬‪#‎RotaryTheWayToBe‬" How nice of him!

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