Monday, 21 December 2015

For bloggers and website owners

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Asterix Innovative Solutions (AIS), owners of is proud to present our revolutionary free platform for promoting websites and blogs

Do you have a website or a blog that is not getting the traction you need?
Are you in need of the much needed exposure so the world can see what is it you have to offer be it goods, services or news and opinions? 
Do you find publicity and marketing costs in today's markets to be too steep? 

What if we said there was a way to get your advert on a growing network of Nigerian websites totally free?
Yes its 100% Free!
Adblabla is a peer to peer advert exchange network where members are allowed to swap ads. By dedicating one or more ad spots on your website to us, we can place your ads on all the other sites on our fast growing network guaranteeing you instant reach to people and demographics you were not previously exposed to. This exposure drives traffic to your site and gives you the opportunity to sell your goods or services to a much larger audience and better still giving you much needed leverage to increase the premium you can charge for your other ad spots.
It's pretty simple. Go to and register your site and get more details.

Talking About

Growing leaps and bounds since we first unveiled it,
is that community where you can go to get stuff done. Are you tired of looking for reliable people to run errands, projects and tasks for you? Or are you tired of being unemployed and looking for how to earn a living? Head to and create tasks to have people offer to execute them for you. Or place bids on tasks and get paid for your skills and abilities. It's that simple and it's also totally free. 

Head to and to get started. 

Contact us at the following details  for further enquiries

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