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Sex With Neighbor Girl Virgin Sex Stories or Story

Before going to the story let me describe us my name is kannan age 23, 5.6 feet, cock size 6 inch and thickness 3 cm about my neighbor girl name kavya her age is 21 and real milky and fair of size 34 30 34 she is really a sex bomb looks like heroine Nayantara.
Coming to the story this happen almost a year back, while i was doing my final year engineer and she was in her first year i stay in the 1st floor and she was the next house to me in the ground floor. I can clearly see the kavya&bathroom from my window as it was not covered at the top.
I used to see her while she going to bath and masturbate seeing this,i really wanna fuck that beauty someday dont have guts to talk to her.this was happening for more than 3 months.We have seen each other but not talk too much, there is also another girl below my house studying in the same college she is a very good friend of mine and i dont have any bad intention on her.
Kavya was troubled by some boys taking picture of her on the road side, kavya was really in her of help with the help of her friend who was in ground of my house came to me and told this matter,As i was other only matured boy in my area.

I told her that i will take and asked her to call me while leave from the college and gave my number.The the next day at once i got the call from her i rang up the police and informed the some boys are eve teasing in front of XYZ college. i also called kavya and told her. Later that night about 10,clock i got a msg from her mention thanks. I replied non mention and told i felt very sorry about that boys.
Next day due some function in her college came home in half day and i was no study leave, I heard the sound of the calling bell ring to my surprise we i opened that was kavya. She again said thanks i welcome her inside and she her to sit in the sofa, and went to the kitchen to ring some juice and biscuits.
Me : I told her to take it and said that i feel very sorry for the boys
Kavya: Let them suffer she said.
Me : I said it natural that boy look on girls and that too who will not look at a beautiful girl like you
Kavya: she asked do you also look at me ?
Me : I was silent for some time and said no very innocently,
Kavya: She told just stop kanna i know that you are looking at all the time and even nude.
Me : i was shocked hearing this, and asked how do you know that.
Kavya: She told that she saw while i was watching her when she was bathing and said she likes boys who look on girls without disturbing girls,
Me : Took this as a green signal and sat very close to her and asked so you like right
Kavya :hmm
I was sitting right to her took both the hand hold her face she what are doing i said looking at you face she replied look without disturbing and asked me to take my hand.At this time my cock was semi hard and i got a call from my mom asking whether i had lunch, after the call i came and sat near her and started starring at her face and boobs. my cock became hard and it was very visible since i was wearing only my cotton boxer.
She notice that and she told that she need to go and i told sorry for watching her nude she told just stop it, i told her i need to do something in return for that, and suddenly removed my boxer and told her to see my cook it was standing at 90 degree attention.
she covered her eye with her hand and told me to put the boxer on. i have put the boxer and went near her and removed her hand for her face and kissed her on the lips.
At the same time of kissing i hols her waist with my left hand and my right had in her right book pressing it. she broke the kiss and push me away and said this is wrong kannan i am leaving, I told her sorry and she let.
I was very much worried that missed my chance of fucking that gorgeous babe forever i slept masturbating thinking her. The next day was Saturday my mom and dad was at my house. I went outside and called kavya she picked the phone and i asked sorry are you angry she replied yes completed i did sleep last night because of you and the told i have done this for the first time because of me. I was puzzled was she have done. I asked her what you have done last night. She told me due the kiss and the cock in real she was unable to sleep and she fingered her pussy for the first time and told me i will come to your house now fuck me. As it was Saturday i told her no.
We planned to have it no Monday. Saturday and Sunday we have late night chats that too sex chat Monday came once my parents left the home and made sure hat they will return only in the evening i called her to come. she came in 2 minutes and once she came in i started kissing heron her lip pressing her. I was sucking her upper and lower lips very passionately and she loved it. she now told that she want to punish me for see her nude and she strip me and took my 6 inch cock and started teasing me suddenly she licked my cock lick a lolly pop i asked her so mouth fuck her she denied as i give respect to others emotion left it.
I again pulled her up and started kissing her lips cheeks, ear lobes neck and moved to her cleavage. she was wearing a orange colour chudidar and white bottom i just went down and removed her pants knot and rubbed her pussy over the panties the panties was very wet. i then slowing moved up and licked her navel to which you gave a heavy moan and i slowing removed her chudidar and she was in red colour bra and panties WOW what sight she was looking even better that when i she her nude.
I took her to the bed room and i licked her cleavage and removed her bra and started sucking her nipples one by one. her moans made me more hot and i encircled her nipples with my tongue. i made her lie on the bed and removed her panties and found the golden cave behind the bushed i started licking her pussy she was on the cloud nine enjoying the licking moaning and pushing my head inwards i was unable to breathe due to be hair with sticky liquid oozing from her pussy, i stop and asked her whether i can shave her pussy. she told yes i went and took my triple blade razor and started shaving her pussy she told its tickling and be care in to cut her skin.
I care fully shaved her pussy and i continued sucking and fingering first with one continued increasing the no. of fingers while i was about enter the third finger she cummed with heavy moaning i was afraid whether other would hear was we will be i trouble. The asked her can i insert her my cock inside her pussy. she was little afraid as she was a virgin of the pain and pregnancy.
I told her that will insert slowing and will not cum inside and started fucking her in missionary position she shout in pain once my cock was fully inside her later that pain changed into pleasure and started enjoying. while fucking her hymen was broke and her pussy was bloody i took one of my kerchief and and wiped her blood and told mango juice from the fridge and slowly poured on the pussy and started drinking it she cummed again i drank all her juice with the mango juice. Then again fucked her and cummed her on her boobs which she rubbed all over her body, Both were satisfied and and on the bed kissing and smooching for an hour and took bath together and she gave a blow job in the bath room
Our relationship continued for 8 months till end of my college life whenever we get time,
Let me post my next story how i fucked her without condom and we had threesome with kavya me and my cousin
If any ladies interested in sex feel free to contact me at also friend send me feed back and comment and recommendation regarding sex so that i can tried that the next time i have she.

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