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Learn How to Monetize your Site With Google Matched Content Unit Ads

If any of your blogs has been approved for displaying matched content ads by Google Adsense, then you should start generating matched content ads from your Google Adsense account. Matched content Ads was introduced by the Adsense group which displays as recommended articles and can now generate earnings when ads are also displayed within.

implement google matched content ads
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The matched content ads now helps its publishers earn more money because these ads are styled to complement the look and feel of recommended articles. 
Google will be able to display relevant articles below your blog post or which ever place you want them to show to your site visitors based on the topic similarity.

So How Do I Add Google Match Content Ad Units to My Blog?

First of all check if your site is approved to display Match content Ads. If your blog is eligible, then continue with the steps below.

==> Sign in to your AdSense account and you will see the matched content notification box staring at you. See picture below.

create adsense unit for matched content
Click on Get Started.

==> If you can't find the notification when logged on, just click the "My ads" tab.

==> Then on the sidebar, click "Content".

==> Click on New ad unit.

==> Give your Matched content unit a name.

==> In the "Ad size" section, choose an ad size that fits your layout. Automatic Size (Responsive) recommended!

==> From the "Ad type" drop-down, select "Matched content" only.

==> In the "Text ad style" section, apply a style for your Matched content unit if you like.

==> And also set up a custom channel to track your Matched content unit if you like.
Then click Save and get code.

==> Copy and paste the ad code into the HTML source code of  your approved site from the on the layout. Or Parse the adsense code first if you want to add it below your blog post inside your blog html codes.

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To gather best results, Google recommends placing your Matched content unit directly below the article (below the fold) and either above or below your ad unit. When placed directly above or below an ad unit, Matched content units can improve the visibility and engagement rate of your ad units.

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I hope your site is also approved for Matched Content Ads? 

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