Friday, 29 April 2016

New Music: Gabriel - Lifted up

Gabriel was born and raised in Surulere, Lagos, which is know as a capital city in Nigeria. He migrated to South Africa in early 2011 and started his entrepreneurship career and undergraduate course in Applied Psychology.
Gabriel has always been known for multiple talents in the field of creative art, he loves to sing, sketch, design and never cease to pay attention to fashion.
He ministers in a Christ Embassy church choir in Menlyn, PTA, South Africa, which he says is his way of dedicating himself to God, and he is also currently taking a course in photography which keeps him more in touch with his creative side.

Gabriel released his first single YOUR MAJESTY in late 2015 which is a Gospel Ragea that captured the hearts of a number of people. Gabe believes in writing a song that speaks to the hearts of men, and he believes that good messages to a nation can cause a great change in this ever revolving world.
In his own words he said,
"I believe so much in the message of a song, that is why i pay so much attention to my lyrics. I don’t believe in just composing a song with great beats and sounds that will make you dance your head off and forget the message the song is trying to pass."
Gabriel decided to release this powerful heart capturing song LIFTED UP this April 2016 because he said it was led by the spirit of God. Having written the song a couple of months ago, he decided it was time for it to be heard since Pastor Chris made a declaration the month of April 2016 was a month of LIFTING.
Listen to this all time song and enjoy!

Instagram: @thereal_gabriel
Twitter: @gbministration
Facebook:Gabriel ministration

South Africa: +27717712777
Nigeria: +2348026231441

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