Saturday, 12 November 2016

How to browse unlimited on Mtn sim-Settings and Proxy

New working Mtn Unlimited free browsing cheat for Nigerians.

Am happy to let you guys know that there is another new working mtn free browsing cheat that browses unlimitedly on any device and you can use it to download unlimitedly any game or app you wish to download.
As you know unlimited browsing cheats don't come out everyday here on kinwap so this one is special.
How to configure your phone for the new Mtn Unlimited free browsing cheat       now,let's continue.

The steps for configuring your device for this new Mtn unlimited free browsing cheat are not very difficult.
Follow the below steps to configure your mobile phone for free browsing and free downloading on mtn. 

First cheat use the below settings.

magic ip,

port 804 

then send fb0 to 131

Note,this trick's working both on mobile and pc (mozilla to be specific)

Second Mtn free browsing cheat
Note,this very cheat works on a 128K MTN SIM

Access Point Name- BLACKBERRY.NET 
Note: It can disconnect anytime(that's normal) all you need to do is to reconnect it once it disconnects.

It works with all mobile phones,
enjoy and download as you wish with high speed provided you're in a good location.
Soon,i'll release another Mtn free browsing cheat worth 150MB using simple server.
Another MTN Unlimited free browsingand downloading cheat
here's another awesome unlimited cheat rocking on MTN network.
It's as good as the one above.
Read about it below.
Before we continue,some people may ask; is it possible to browse unlimitedly on any network not to talk of Mtn but i assure you that it's 100% possible because daily people do so.

How To Browse And Download Unlimitedly For Six Months On Your MTN sim
Now Now,we've Come Again with the"6 months freebies"Officially Introduced by MTN itself.
This Might be Old but it's still working Greatly till Now . 

Mtn Unlimited browsing cheatRequirements
*. A Tecno L3 Device
*.An MTN sim Insert the MTN sim card into the L3 phone
and Scroll to the message Interface and send TECNO to 131 And wait till You Recieved Confirmation Message. start browsing on your Mtn sim with this cheatImmediately. 

Note:- The freebies is not limited to TecnoL3 usage ,It Can Be Used On Any Device As
Far It Has Been Activated with Tecno L3.

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