Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Reasons Why The Nigerian Premier League Is Not Progressing


The Nigerian Premier League is faced with a lot of problems ranging from poor management to lack of players welfare.

All these have to do with poor sponsorship and lack of private sector partnership.
Nigeria is one of the richest countries in Africa and due to that our league is supposed to be one of the best leagues in Africa because we have a lot of multi-nationals and top indigenous companies, who are capable of sponsoring our league and clubs.
We also have a lot of billionaires who can single handedly sponsor our clubs, but the problem is, how can they benefit from the league?
The major aim of investing is to gain as a result of that nobody has convinced them what they can gain by investing in the league.
What are the solutions to the problems of our league?
Our Clubs should be taken to the Stock Market.
Clubs should be privatized, and only top multi-nationals or individuals who have shown that they are capable of maintaining the clubs will be allowed to buy.
This will help to increase the quality of the league, transfer fee, remuneration and players package because there will be more competition in the league. In this 21st century it’s only in few countries that government is still running football.
The League Management Company should look for more sponsors.
The league is supposed to have many sponsors. These companies will be promoted through adverts and side-line boards during league matches. The transfer fee in Nigerian league should be increased to 100,000 dollars and above.
Sourcing for many TV Rights.
Supersport is not supposed to be the only TV station broadcasting our League at least NTA and AIT should be beaming live matches, different from the one we see in Supersports. This will help to increase the number of viewers.
Upgrading our pitches and training centers. Some of our pitches are poor and unattractive.
In Europe, clubs source for indigenous company who will be responsible for handling the match venues. In return their logo will be painted and advertised in the Stadium.
Enhancing the quality of our kits.
Clubs should source for sponsors who will be in charge of sponsoring the club jersey and kit, in return their name will be stamped on the jerseys, and the club should also produce enough jersey for sale to the fans so that fans can come to club matches with jerseys and so on.
I believe the domestic league will get better if we follow the above steps.
These are the thoughts of Chidiebere Okechukwu (Chief Executive Officer Unique Sports Management)
Do you agree with this post? How can we improve the Nigerian Premier League?

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