Tuesday, 28 March 2017

What is your true postal code?

When you fill forms online, what do you fill in as your postcode or zip code?

If you are like most Nigerians, you fill in 234 or 23401.
That Is Wrong!
I know a lot of websites will accept it so you probably don’t care. However, these days, more and more serious sites are rejecting it so you should use your real postcode.
To know your postcode, here is what you should do. Firstly, head to http://www.nigeriapostcodes.com/
Select your state. In my case, I will select Lagos.

It drops down another option for me. Because I stay on Lagos Island, I will select Lagos. It then drops another option which is area.
I will select Ajah as that is the closest to me out of the options available. Then it drops another option which is Street.
I will select Ajiran out of the options and click on GET POSTCODE.
There you go. That is my postcode. You can try it out yourself to get your own postcode.

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