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Friday, 12 January 2018

Latest 9mobile free 0.0kb unlimited browsing

9mobile free 0.0kb

Tap ADD to add the UC mini browser there
Find UC mini in the list and tick it, then click on OK

Now go to the office VPN home screen and click on GO, wait for it to connect, after finish connecting leave the app, now find your UC mini browser and launch it and start browsing and downloading.
NOTICE: If the VPN stops tap on get more time and continue to enjoy your browsing.
As simple as that.

HOT-- New Airtel Unlimited Browsing For January 2018


Airtel unlimited browsing working for all Android devices is back, if this unlimited browsing is not working on your phone then you need to throw that phone away, whether you are using an iPhone, Tecno, or any other product this unlimted browsing will work for you.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

How To Get 1GB For Just #100 On Your Glo SIM

Do you know you can get as much as 1GB data for just #100? Well, just pray your sim is eligible for this because its not for every glo sim but just give it a try and you might be lucky to get the offer. Follow the below steps to get this awoof data from glo network.

Step 1: if you wish to enjoy this bonus data from Glo, you must have N100 or more on your Glo line.

How To Browse UnlimitedWith Airtel WTF *990#,*991# Data Plan

I know you might be aware of this package because it has been in existence since 2014 but if you are hearing it for the first time, let's welcome you to "Airtel WTF data bundle"
The very hilarious part about this plan is the name Airtel gave to it.

The plan is made for peeps that are always using social media apps 24/7 as you can facebook, whatsapp, tweet and even use BBM with this bundle.

How Many MB Is On Airtel WTF Data Bundle?

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Latest Free Youtube Unlimited Browsing, Streaming And Downloading On The Glo Network!

PicsArt_12-06-01.42.10.jpg-Latest Free Youtube Unlimited Browsing, Streaming And Downloading On The Glo Network!

Xup everyone it's me again, I know you guyz are still currently enjoying the YouTube MTN plan here >> Hacked! - Enjoy Non-stop Streaming And Downloading On Youtube Or Youtube Go App Via The Mtn Network which is still working flawlessly with super speed, but the problem about it is that no way to tunnel it so as to use it for all apps, but don't too worry about that as a way to tunnel it for all apps will be made Soon as it becomes available.

So today am gonna be sharing with y'all another one from Glo, called Glo YouTube plan well it's a plan introduce not quite long which allow users to enjoy non stop streaming and downloading on the Glo Network, so am going to be sharing how you can stream and download unlimitedly on the YouTube app or YouTube Go app today.

Power All Apps On Your Device Via The New Tunneling Ehi File For Glo Youtube Night Plan

This is the Ehi tunneling file, sorry guys for not posting it yesterday as promised, was very busy, but the most important thing is that is now dropped!

For more details about the YouTube night plan click here >> Cracked! - Latest Free Youtube Unlimited Browsing, Streaming And Downloading On The Glo Network!

Gonna make this step very short, so let's begin

{filename}-Power All Apps On Your Device Via The New Tunneling Ehi File For Glo Youtube Night Plan

How to power all apps via the YouTube plan 

Latest Updated Glo Youtube Ehi Tunnelling File On Http Injector | Gad's Update!

{filename}-Latest Updated Glo Youtube Ehi Tunnelling File On Http Injector | Gad's Update!

Xup everyone it's @Gad, this is the updated GLO YouTube Ehi Tunnelling file for Glo night YouTube plan

Would have dropped it sooner but due to poor Network glitch at my end that's why it's coming late

9mobile Free Unlimited Browsing On The Yoga Vpn App New Update | Get Yours Activated Now!

{filename}-9mobile Free Unlimited Browsing On The Yoga Vpn App New Update | Get Yours Activated Now!

Xup everyone, it's your boy @Gad the Tech Geek am here with another free browsing for 9mobile users to enjoy, at least this is one of the free browsing that has just been released for a while now after the other free one we all enjoyed was blocked by 9mobile the daily 60Mb capped.

But don't too worry as another one is here for all to enjoy, now with no much talk how do we get it activated?


  • 9mobile Sim
  • Yoga VPN
  • Strong 3G network coverage

If you don't have the yoga VPN app you can get it on the Google play store or directly here >> Yoga VPN - Unlimited Free VPN APK Download - Free Tools APP for Android | APKPure.comafter installing the app, now follow the instructions


MTN is dishing out free Unlimited plan to a MTN lines that wish to subscribe for the plan. This plan is a free Zomobie plan that would last 24hours.

To opt-in for this data plan,simply Dial *327*2# and you’ll get a success message saying;
“Your subscription to ZOMOBIE has been successfully and 20.00 deducted from your account. Your service will be renewed on 2016-12-21. To cancel, text Stop GZO to 55326. Thank you!
You can renew manually, simply textstop GZO to 55326 and sub againby dailing *327*2#

Enjoy Swift 4g Lte Unlimited 9 Hours Free Browsing With N3,000 Valid For 30days

{filename}-Enjoy Swift 4g Lte Unlimited 9 Hours Free Browsing With N3,000 Valid For 30days

Xup guys, its your boy Gad i came back today with something that you guys will enjoy it, Have you heard of Swift 4g Lte? Do you know they are Network providers in Nigeria? I guess you don't knew yet but today you will know as they are given out Free 9 hours Unlimited free browsing valid for one month with just N3000 Naira. Wow!

Ntel Night Plans - Enjoy Unlimited Superfast Data With Just N500

{filename}-Ntel Night Plans - Enjoy Unlimited Superfast Data With Just N500
4G/LTE-Advanced network provider —ntel Nigeria, has come up with truly unlimited data plans that fit your pocket!

ntel 4G LTE came into the mobile telecommunication scene with expensive data tariff(s). It is an unlimited data plan, but these plans are way out of line for an average Nigerian to afford, it's definitely not among the cheapest data plans for average smartphone users but it's 4G unlimited data service is well worth it.

Since its launch, ntel has reviewed their internet data plans more than once yet, subscribers aren’t fully satisfied with their new data rates. They started with N10,000 to N12500 and the ntel unlimited data plan for 30 days is now N17,500.

The truth is there has been growing since they entered the market. More and more subscribers acquire their SIM card. This has been because of the fast 4G LTE service they provide in Nigeria.

Enjoy Non-stop Streaming And Downloading On Youtube Or Youtube Go App Via The Mtn Network

{filename}-Enjoy Non-stop Streaming And Downloading On Youtube Or Youtube Go App Via The Mtn Network

True this month really brought some goodies and it's not just me ranging from free Tweak, airtime and the rest.

Many of us had all enjoyed one free browsing Tweak, but now this guy's are really making this difficult for all of us as the number of Tweaks isn't like before when there where Tweaks to choose from to meet your taste, lolz but not too worry as we Will continue to look for loopholes from this stingy guyz.
So today am bringing you guys a new Tweak on MTN, where you can be able to stream, download unlimitedly on the YouTube app using the MTN network! Isn't that amazing.......

Now with that said, let's get on to the business of the day!!!!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Etisalat Unlimited Browsing With PSIPHON HANDLER

Install on your device step
Your device Must be rooted {use kingroot latest version to root.
.step 3:load 100 naira..dial*200*3*3*2*1*1#and make sure your#50 OR #100 box is deductedN.B:If You are on any chat pack please dial*343*5*0#to optout first beforestep 3»Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows:» APN: etisalat» Proxy: blank» Port: blank» Save And Activate it as your defaultsettings.» Launch Psiphon handler and set it up as follows;» tick Remove Port» Under it you will see Proxy Type, justtap and choose Real Host» Scroll down to Proxy Server and» Then scroll down to the bottom andclick Save» Immediately you click save, a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device and it will take you to the nextphase» Choose the Option Menu» Under this Option menu, you will see Select Region, tap and select USA or any other region» Still on the Option menu, you will see the More Option tab below, tap it and then scroll down to Proxy Settings and tick the 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Enjoying Unlimited Free Browsing On PC With Airtel Sim Using PD-Proxy

Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this post, few months ago Airtel Nigeria ran system upgrade which affected their BIS users with other Phone/PC, lot of people has decided to dump Airtel Sim due to the excessive charges applied to their bb plans recentlyand they refused to spending a dime on Airtel data plan till the plan is back to normal. Is like things are getting normal with our old beloved Airtel Bis but that is not our today's business. 
Am happy to tell you that there is still a way to surf with Airtel Sim for free, no subscription required and no bis wahala. What you need is to follow steps below accordingly and you are good to enjoying free Airtel browsing on your PC or Android phone.

MTN Unlimited Downloading/Streaming With Just N70

Hi guys, am sure that you are still enjoying your unlimited downloading/streaming with MTN BBIMIDID daily plan of N100. MTN BBLITED is another alternative that is even cheaper than BBIMIDID and it is working flawlessly, even better than BBIMIDID (Tested & Confirmed), now you have variety choice, you can choose any one you like between BBIMIDID and BBLITED.

MTN BBLITED is another BB10 daily plan, working like BBIMIDID on both PC and Android devices. It is working better with SimpleServer VPN and the same old setting ( BBLITED plan cost N70 only and you are free to download with it anyhow, but don't forget that fear usage police attached to many MTN Blackberry plans.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Glo N0.00kb Unlimited Free Browsing, Now Stable and Fast in Browsing Via New Tweakware VPN

This is one of the everlasting tweak, it has been working for a while, useful for those who have stable Glo 3G network in their area, but the issue of frequent disconnection has been the something bothering us since. Using this new Tweakware v3.5 will make it faster and the simple trick need to be added to your formal setting for the stable connection.

Follow the instruction below to get it rolling;

Etisalat Unlimited Free Surfing On Android Device With N0.0 Via Psiphon With Magic IP

Guys, it is time to forget about Etisalat Social/Chat Pak subscription. Now you can surf free with your Etisalat sim with N0.0, no subscription required, all you need is Magic IP's with Psiphon and the browsing speed is more preferable than Etisalat Social/Chat pak. It works better for streaming and downloading. Simply follow the steps below carefully to get it rolling. 

Magic IP's Setting For Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing Via Psiphon
» First of all, Download New version of Psiphon Handler from here.
» Install it on your Android Device

Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows:
» Open your phone settings > Go to more > Go to mobile network > Go to access point names > Select Mtn, Then create new APN and configure as shown below:

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Airtel Unlimited 600mb For #100 No Tweaking by 2gojedix

Unlimited airtel 600mb for 100 naira only.
Have been rocking on this cheat since long Time
wish i know many people will be suffer for mb on
airtel line And i just decide to Re-share it to all of
you that need to do it,to do this here is some step to
1.Get any Airtel sim
2.Make sure u have #100 naira card on ur sim.
3.Just insert your airtel sim card into your phone if
it was brand new sim card and then load that airtel
100 naira card after that then dial *885*2# and you
will be given the mb data.
NOTE:- This mb can only be use on operamini,
whatsapp, facebook, 2go....etc.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Browse And Download Unlimited On MTN :- Sim Not Eligible Is Now Solved

1. Check if your sim is eligible by dialing
*567*58# or *567*59# try subscribing, if you
are told you have insufficient balance your sim
is eligible but if not you would be told your
sim isn’t eligible

How To Get 2 GB With Just N 200 On Etisalat

This is a Night Plan – Take Note!!
All the Networks are really doing everything to keep their customers…. Over the last 3 Months, We’ve experienced the Creation of new data plans with huge Gigabytes at ridicoulously cheaper prices.