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Friday, 12 January 2018

6 Real Sex Stories That’ll Make You Disgustingly Horny

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I lived next to this really pretty redhead who was about 22 and I was 28. She had a party one summer night and invited me to it to meet her boyfriend who was in from out of town.
As the party died down around 2 am, and it was the three of us, she got up and put a porn on. I went to leave and she said for me to stay. I stayed and all three of us watched it for a while. We were all horny and they started to make out. I went to leave because I was by myself. She told me to stay because she and her bf had always had a fantasy about fucking in front of someone. So I stayed and watched.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Married Lecturer Caught Pants Down In A Hotel With His Student (VIDEO)

A married lecturer was arrested yesterday for inviting a female student he was assigned to supervise her final year project to a hidden hotel in barracks road, Igoli Ogoja, Cross River state.
From the video, the man was seen begging to be allowed to go for his promotional interview which he missed due to the arrest.

Two Lovebirds Caught On Camera Enjoying 'GOOD THINGS' In The Bush,Video Emerges

A couple was caught having ‘good time’ in a bush – after a church service on last Sunday.Going by the conversation recorded in the video, the couple had met in church before they snuggled out from the crowd and left for the bush. Hours later a motorbike operator overheard the clamouring sound and went to check what the commotion was about.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

CD Couplins pheromones

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

My First Corporate Sex Experience With My Manager

Thanks for the overwhelming response for my first ever sex story that I submitted here. This sex story is about my corporate life, how I had sex with my manager.
You can call me jacky.And my manager Riya (name changed for obvious reason). I am sure when she will read this story she will come to know about me.
As she is a regular reader of this site.
Riya is almost 35 years old, but I can bet upon my own flat that anyone looking at her will say she is just 25. Big busty boobs, fair tall and beautiful with a perfect ass which are always ready to bounce off her tight skirt she wears. I consider myself lucky as I had sex with her right after 3 months of my joining.
It all started with the team lunch event that we had which included drinks and dance. I had no intentions for her nor she did.But it was all spontaneous.

Weekend Trip Turned Into Honeymoon

I am a big fan of ISS, This is my first true life incident happened a few days ago in Ooty which is called as Queen of Hills and the best place for Honeymoon Couples. Let me describe me and my sex queen. Myself Samual 24 years from Bangalore. Presently working in an MNC company in Bangalore any girls and aunties who are interested in a hookup, dating and One night Stands please mail me at / / because I respect your privacy.Boys just post comments, please.
Here comes my queen her name is Pooja 23 years working in same company. Her stats are 36-23-38. Everyone who sees her immediately will get hard on. Along with this she usually comes in tight tee sheets which make every manhood to stand straight and salute. The most attractive part is her boobs which are just like ripen mangoes which are very big and stiff.

How I Fucked My Teacher In Real Life

Hey there guys, I’m Rahul from Kochi. First of all, I would describe myself. Im 29 years old having an athletic body, tall, average complexioned and an attractive face. Believe it or not, this story is not a fiction, but a real life incident by which I lost my virginity to my teacher.
Now let me describe my teacher. Her name is Akhila, 35 years old, fair, average height and having an attractive body and assets. This incident happened when I was preparing for my plus two board exams. Even though she was attractive, we boys never looked at her through that way.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Doctor Dairies Fucking A Bengali Bhabhi Virgin Sex Story

Hello friends, Let me introduce myself. I am Gautam Nanda from a place near Hyderabad. I have completed my MBBS and presently doing an internship. Life is quite boring in studies just with books and patients. I am of 6 feet having a physically fit body.
Therefore, I give relaxation to myself by giving the pleasure of many girls and women. This is my first sex story but not my virgin experience. The heroine of my sex story is Madhumita.(original name) The story is little lengthy, please bear it.
We met on facebook on some page. As being a doctor, I help many people by giving counsellings and advice for their problems. (Anyone interested in chatting, fun or need advises, can message me in Gmail
One night, she saw my comment and messaged to me. We introduced our self to each other. She is a Bengali beauty presently living in New Delhi, with her hubby. She doesn’t have children. Her age is 28 years old, having physical stats of 5’4”, 52 kgs and a sexy figure of 34 30 34.Her husband used to work as a manager in an mnc and used to be in trips and travels all over the time.
She needed my company and we used to discuss all the matters as good friends. Next night, again she messaged me and was saying about her loneliness. I asked her why they don’t have children. She burst out and said that her husband was not interested in sex. He used to have sex with her during early days of life but afterward left having sex. I consoled her saying don’t worry; I will be always available to you as a friend.
Then, we started having online sexting to decrease her desires, but they started to increase. One day, she told her wish to have children. And that was with me. I said her; I can give her pleasure, but for children, have to think. Then, I accepted to her request after a day. When her hubby was going for a trip she forced him to have sex with her.
Then, next day she reached Hyderabad. I went to receive her from the airport. We directly moved to a hotel. She had already booked a suite online for days.
We both checked in the room and as soon we entered the room, I pulled her towards me and started kissing her. She was puzzled, but she was happy and started co-operating me. She then stopped me and said, I wanted the same as of first night.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sex With Sexy Virgin Girlfriend Tanya At My Flat Virgin Sex Story

Hello, I am Aditya from Delhi. This is my first story on thite and hope you will enjoy my story this is real incident happen to me during my college days 3 years back. If any girl or aunty want real sex or phone sex in Hyderabad can contact me as I am currently doing job here.Mail me on :
So coming to story I did my schooling from delhi and there was cute girl name tanya and we were in same class and use to go tution together. We use to sit together and in some days we exchanged our number.
Uske baad humari bahut baat hone lagi and one day she praposed me but due to board pressure I neglected her.Then she stop talking to me. After some days we got same college in Jaipur there we started to talk and phir main uska phir se acha dost ban gaya. Is baar mere andar feelings aa chuki thi and main usko pana chahta tha. Uska figure 32-28-30 tha.Diwali ka time tha ghar jane ki tikcet nahi toh anjali ne bola uske saath.
Uski 3ac ki side lower bearth thi. Humne parda lagaya and phir usko pyaar se hug kiya. That feling was awsome and said love you to her she also replied love you too. Uske baad kya tha I kissed her lips and was soo soft ki we kissed for 10 mins par zayda kuch nahi hua kyunki sab jage the phir humnse khana khaya and sab soo gaye toh main usse lipat k usko pakad liya kya kamar thi uski patli sexy maine usko peeche se neck pe kiss kiya then uske boobs ko dabane laga. Vo garam ho gayi bahut and seedhe hokar mere lips ko katne lagi phir kya tha maine uska top utar diya and usne pink bra pehni hui thi.

Sex With Girlfriend At Her House Virgin Sex Story

This is Sunny from Jharkhand. Age 20. Writing my story about the incident that happened with me a few years ago.I am sorry for any mistakes while writing the story.
So. Without boring you all. Let&come to the story.I was in class 12th when my crush said yes to the proposal. And we became bf-gf. Things were normal between us. And everything was going slow between us. We use to go school together and come back. We spent a lot of time talking on the phone. Sometimes we get horny and do some sex chat.But we never did anything.(not even kissed).
Things between us were normal. I am sorry I forgot to introduce my GF.Her name is Payal. Her stats were 32-36-32. She looks damn cute and hot also.One day we had annual day function in our school. We came bit close on that day.She had a dance performance. While she was performing I was cheering for backstage.
After her performance, she went to changing room. And I went behind her and closed the door. She was shocked for a bit but happy to see me there. I came close to her hugged her and kissed her on her cheek. And then on the forehead. And we looked into each other’s eye for few minutes and started smooching each other. I bit her lower lips while kissing her. We both were aroused at that time. But suddenly someone her friend came and knocked on the door. And I had to leave.

Monday, 31 October 2016

How I Met A New Girl In My Office And How The Nature Seduced Us Office Teacher Sex Story 18+

Hi, this is Vishal and this is my first story. I am reading the ISS stories from the last couple of months and thought of sharing my stories. Please share your feedback on I am a married man (36 years) having good physics as I am a sports person. I am from Rajasthan and living in Ahmadabad. I am working in an MNC from last one year and handling the training team.
I was fully dedicated towards my work so never thought about the girls but unfortunately one of my trainees, contacted me over facebook and we started to have a conversation. In starting, we had a casual conversation for a couple of days and suddenly she started to become more friendly.
As I had affairs in past, I casually asked for naked pics but she didn’t send it. I requested her for a couple of times but later she sent an erotic pic but with clothes. Let me describe her. Not disclosing her name. She was of 28 having statics of 40-36-40. She was from the northern state. We started to have a conversation over FB and then we shared over numbers. I called her and we casually talked her for a couple of times but we had a conversation from one hour.
After a couple of days, I requested her to meet me but she told me to meet me personally in public place. I said okay and decided to meet after over office time. I request her not to talk to me in the office and she followed it and we never talk in the office.
She was on her scooty and we met at the riverfront. I took ice-cream and we both starting talking to each other. While having a casual conversation about our office and later she started to tell about her family. She has two brothers working in an MNC and she was also working in MNC. Her parents are in other city but she was living with her uncle.

Strange Experience With A Lady Office Teacher....... Sex Story(sex story)18+

One fine day when I was coming from the market a minor incident took place nearby.
When I went there to see then came to know that the aunty who met with an incident was nearby our area and immediately provided with the available first aid and dropped her at the house. From then onwards we came to know about each other.
Her husband is in Dubai (left for a short trip) and she is here with her daughter. We had been regularly communicating through phone or WhatsApp.Her name is Rupali (name changed).
One fine day she has conveyed that shall we plan to meet for some time, since her husband is out of station and daughter is at her grandparent’s house. I said sure, so we planned to meet at a restaurant in cp which was her choice because of the first meet.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

How to Finger a Girl Like a Total Pro

sensual woman expecting fingeringForeplay is really important in getting you both in the mood and women especially find good foreplay necessary for an enjoyable sex session. By doing everything ‘right‘ with your fingers, you will get her ultra wet and wanting more of you.

Read these guides for improving SEXUAL mastery:

Saturday, 8 October 2016

5 Fabulous Tips to Make Any Woman Squirt Easily

woman gushing liquid during orgasmREMEMBER: These TIPS Are Really POWERFUL. They May Make Her ADDICTED to You! Do Not ABUSE Them! Tip Number 4 Is AWESOME! These Strategies Helped Over 2,770,000 Readers of THE STALLION STYLE!
Do you want to make her whole body tremble from intense waves of ultimate pleasure while she will be ejaculating fluids all over you and your bed sheets?
I bet that your answer is DEFINITE YES!

8 Ways to Make Morning Sex an Amazing Experience

Beautiful Woman in Morning1
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Rise and shine! There’s no better way to start the day than with lovemaking. It releases those feel-good chemicals and can even strengthen your immune system. But let’s face it – no one’s really concerned with the health benefits of morning sex.